Zebra Technologies explains the effectiveness of employee apps in wellbeing initiatives

Jeff Schmitz shows how organizations can use technology to increase wellness resources utilization

At Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Conference this year, Jeff Schmitz, chief human resources and marketing officer at Zebra Technologies, discussed empowering employees to engage in wellness initiatives. With so many businesses investing in wellness resources that go unused by employees, an investment in technology and marketing may increase participation in programs and help employers to identify their underutilized benefits.

Next year’s Workplace Wellness Conference is already well into the planning stages and will be held in Denver, August 14-16, 2023. As you prepare yourself for next year’s conference, look at this clip from Schmitz’s session where he also explained how to internally market your wellbeing initiatives and opportunities for employees and the effectiveness of employee apps, allowing them to schedule use in their time.

You can watch Schmitz’s full session and the entire conference at RaganTraining.com.


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