10 great tools to ferret out plagiarized text

Beyond just copying and pasting your prose into a Google search, you can employ these helpers to nail thieves of your verbal pearls—and avoid inadvertently lifting others’ work.

Plagiarism is a scourge in the content industry; it frustrates the life out of communicators.

Here are 10 great tools for checking out suspicious content—and avoiding unintended duplication:

1. Plagiarisma. Plagiarisma offers the following three options for ferreting out lifted copy:

Upload a .txt, .rtf or a .doc file.

Search the whole text of the article.

Paste the URL.

2. Plagium. Using Plagium,you can scan as many as 25,000 characters, using Yahoo, Bing and Google It sends you an email alert whenever your article is copied.

3. Plagiarism Checker for Students. This tool is free, but it will only scrape through blogs. It check up to 1,000 words,and the service is available in both English and Spanish.

4. Copyscape. Copyscapescrapes through online content, providing links where the article has been copied. The free tool looks only for published content; a paid version scans unpublished content as well.

5. Duplichecker. This free tool lets you check unpublished content. You can upload a notepad file or simply paste the article in the box. It offers numerous search engine indexes (I prefer Google) to check for duplicate content.

6. Grammarly Online Plagiarism Checker. This tool also allows you to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in your work. It was recently added to Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox as a free extension.

7. Plagiarism Checker. This is another reliable and free tool, but it limits you to five searches a day. It rivals the accuracy of Copyscapeand Duplichecker.

8. DMCA Scan. Though largely meant to protect your website, it can also help you in reporting errors to Google. There are free and pro versions.

9. Small SEO tools. This is your go-to tool if you cannot afford Copyscape. It is just as accurate, and there’s no charge. It also offers a multitude of internet marketing tools.

Google is the very best and is absolutely free. Just put the phrase within quotation marks in the search bar, and see if it shows results. If not, your content hasn’t been copied.

A version of this article originally appeared Loud Techie.

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