10 ways to jazz up your intranet

Are you taking the right approach to mobility? Are your employees helping crowdsource answers to questions? A free tip sheet offers ideas for boosting activity on the intranet.

Maybe your employees are avoiding the important news you post on the intranet. Perhaps they regard the whole platform as a snooze and seldom go there.

What to do? Leading companies are making the intranet a fun, vital hub for their work, from sharing documents to posting employee photos.

A free tip sheet from Ragan Communications and BrightStarr offers suggestions for jazzing up your intranet. Whether you’re looking for an intranet overhaul or new elements to add, download “10 Features for Creating an Intranet That Employees Will Love.”

To get employees involved, “make it personal, and make it relevant,” says Tracey Grove, internal communications director at Microsoft’s 21,000-employee worldwide services unit.

The tip sheet explains why mobility extends beyond responsive design to “rethinking [the intranet] so that it is relevant to people who are not sitting at their desk,” says Shel Holtz of Holtz Communication + Technology.

Sometimes organizations can boost visits with minor tweaks to the intranet, the tip sheet reports. At one hospital group, a weather and traffic app enables nurses to check whether it’s raining outside when they plan to release a patient. A link from the home page to the cafeteria menu can be a surprising hit.

The larger the organization, the more important it is to have a robust employee search tool enabling people able to find their colleagues by name, location, skills, job title and interests, the tip sheet states. Beyond that, you should make it easy for them to connect directly from whatever screen they are on via mobile or Skype.

The tip sheet also explains the necessity of easy document sharing. Microsoft uses SharePoint for collaboration on a file or document when input is needed from multiple co-workers, Grove says. Organizations also must push out documentation to a broad audience-not for input, but for the employees’ information, she says.

These ideas and more are detailed in the free guide, “10 Features for Creating an Intranet That Employees Will Love.”

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