16 steps to make outstanding landing pages that readers and search engines love

Effective SEO practices are crucial to PR and marketing success. Here’s how you can make sure your website ranks high and encourages visitors to keep coming back.

If search engine optimization isn’t now a formidable piece of your overall marketing efforts, you might want to reconsider your strategy.

Raising awareness of your organization’s product or service through organic online search is crucial, and it’s only becoming more so. In a 2016 MarketDive study, 82 percent of marketers said they believe that SEO’s ability to boost brand awareness and attract new customers is on the rise.

Add to that data from NetMarketShare, which revealed that Google accounts for over 76 percent of all global desktop search traffic and 94 percent of all worldwide search traffic on mobile devices.

The lesson is clear: It’s time to get your SEO in order to take advantage of the marketing benefits (and traffic).

One of the ways you can start good SEO practices—or hone your current tactics—is making sure your landing pages are optimized for search engines. Backlinko has a 16-step process to properly index your website, attract more readers and win favor with Google.

You can learn about each of these steps in the organization’s infographic below:


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