25 ideas to squeeze out more time for content creation

There is no secret button that composes blog posts or shoots videos, and magic wands are very hard to come by. That leaves these tips for generating text and other content for your audience.

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Nobody says they have too much time, especially when it comes to creating content.

Successful bloggers, YouTubers and podcasters have the same number of hours in a day as you. Everybody has equal opportunity to create content, but not everybody makes it a priority. The real question isn’t having the time, it’s whether you have the tenacity to do it—and keep doing it.

I can’t bolster your determination, but I can provide 25 ideas and best practices to help you squeeze more content-producing productivity out of every hour:

1. Focus. Don’t try to be everywhere and on every platform. Pick the content type that fits your mission, and stick to it.

2. ABC (always be creating). Story ideas are all around you. Make a habit of writing down every inspiration as it happens so it’s not lost. Be aware of what you see, hear and read every day, and think about how that could become relevant content. If you follow this practice, you will always have a bank of ideas.

3. Make time to create. Block out several undistracted hours each week to create. Schedule this in a disciplined way, just as you would prioritize an important meeting.

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