29 essential content marketing metrics

This infographic from Curata offers a thorough look at the types of measurement content marketers should be doing.

If you’ve ventured into the realm of content marketing, chances are you’ve had someone up the chain ask you, “How do we know this is working?”

It’s the classic ROI question that every content marketing pro will face at some point, and it’s an important question. It’s also a question that can be difficult to answer.

To find that answer, we turn to the numbers—those elusive metrics that will speak to how effective a particular piece of content really is. There’s not a magic number that will be a tell-all when it comes to a piece of content’s success or failure. There are actually several numbers, from page views to unique visits, bounce rate, social media shares, social media engagement, leads generated and, finally, the elusive conversion.

For 29 of the best content marketing metrics, check out this infographic from Curata.

(Click here for a larger image.)


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