3 healthy habits for marketers to cultivate in 2020

Work to become a trusted source of helpful industry information, get over the fear of asking for advice, and don’t be shy about refreshing old content.

Healthy 2020 marketing habits

Success is all about building good habits.

You can possess vast knowledge of optimal content marketing practices, but unless you produce compelling work—consistently—you’ll be a flash in the pan.

To sustain your success in 2020 and beyond, cultivate these healthy habits:

1. Continue learning, and bolster your reputation.

Content marketing trends, tools and tactics are constantly evolving. At the same time, marketing budgets are booming, which means more competition.

You can’t afford to be behind the curve or investing in obsolete content. Customers have more knowledge, power and options than ever before, and they’ll quickly jump to a competitor if you annoy them or fail to deliver anything useful.

To remain relevant, commit to becoming an authority in your specific business niche. If you can establish a reputation for providing reliable, helpful advice for people in your industry, readers will come to rely on you for trustworthy news and views. Your reputation is ultimately what will help sell your products, as more than 90% of consumers search for a company’s reviews before making a purchase.

Continue learning about what’s hot (and what’s not), and freely share guidance to develop a strong reputation.

2. Talk to your audience.

Reading prognostications about hot marketing fads is important, but asking your audience what they prefer is even better.

To craft better campaigns, make a habit of getting outside the cozy confines of your cubicle. Solicit advice and ideas from an array of co-workers, and consistently ask your followers for feedback.

What sorts of posts do they find interesting? Which types of content are annoying? What are examples of campaigns they found fascinating (or nauseating)?

Humble listening is perhaps the most crucial habit for any marketer to develop, because it doesn’t matter what you think is cool. Unless your campaigns are geared toward your specific audience’s narrow preferences, you’re bound to fail.

3. Evaluate, update and refresh your content.

It’s easy to get lost in the grind of constantly churning out new content. That’s also a good way to burn your team out.

Cultivate a healthy habit of committing blocks of time to evaluating content performance to see what’s resonating. If you’ve produced a handful of sensational posts, why not give them a second life? Refreshing or repurposing existing content is well worth the effort, and it’s an easy way to keep your content train chugging forward.

Don’t let the pressure to produce new pieces be an excuse for not thoughtfully analyzing metrics or analytics. There’s always time; you just have to rejigger your priorities to allow for planning.

The best content marketers habitually, consistently and ruthlessly assess the value of their campaigns, and they use data to produce better pieces moving forward.

Dan Fries is technical product lead at Next Ventures.


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