3 TED talks to help you focus and fulfill your marketing objectives

These presentations key on crucial aspects of modern consumerism: ideas, choices and perceptions.

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TED talks are an invaluable resource for marketers.

They can help you turn leads into sales or devise a campaign to target your most sought-after customer base.

Conventional marketing efforts of the past now serve as quaint reminders of when customers could be wooed easily. These days, consumers are savvier and more informed than ever, and they are acutely aware of the man behind the curtain.

The following TED talks illustrate just how cerebral the marketing world has become:

Author Steven Johnson has spent his career probing the confluence of technology, science and user experience, and their combined effect on the way we live and think. His TED talk focuses on idea creation, a concept on the mind of most marketers.

Johnson ponders where great ideas come from and dismisses common tropes about eureka moments in the process. Truly brilliant ideas are not born of a single instance, but instead come from multiple channels (what he terms the “liquid network”). He uses examples as diverse as Darwin’s development of the theory of evolution to how modern GPS was created (by way of the Sputnik satellite and a few curious lab workers).

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