3 tips to extend the life of your content

Your blog post’s lifespan doesn’t have to be limited to the day you post it. Keep your content relevant and shareable with these tips.

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The moment you hit the “publish” button, you hit the social sharing buttons. You wait for more shares, but nothing happens.

Maybe you didn’t tweet at an optimal time, or your title didn’t appeal to your audience. All of that work, and you feel like no one saw it.

Don’t give up!

I’ve had this happen to me several times, and I finally found a way to extend the life and reach of content with a few simple tweaks:

1. Get creative with your tweets.

Don’t just re-share a headline. Say you originally titled your post, “Five questions to ask customers to improve your content marketing.” The next time you share it, switch the front and back parts of the title to make two parts:

“Improve your content marketing: Five questions to ask customers”

For another social share, change the title into a question to solicit a response from your audience:

“Are you asking your customers these questions to improve your content marketing?”

Here are more title options:

“Do you consider the needs of your customers before you create your content?”

“Want to improve your content marketing? Ask your customers these five questions first”

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