3 ways to manage your fear of public speaking

Use this proven method to calm your nerves, burn off some anxious energy and set yourself up for success.

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Whether you’re speaking in front of an audience for your first time or your 50th, chances are you are experiencing some level of apprehension.

Even professional speakers have to manage their nerves.

Fear of public speaking is a normal response that’s hard-wired into the human brain, but that doesn’t mean you should allow sweaty palms, a shaky voice and fluttering pulse to subvert your presentation goals.

Read on to learn about A.R.M. (acknowledge, reframe, manage), my three-step process for dealing with pre-show jitters.

Whatever your level of public speaking experience, following these steps will help you minimize nerves and project confidence.

Step 1: Acknowledge your response.

It can be helpful to understand the source of your anxiety: human biology.

When our ancestors faced a risk, it was often life-threatening and required a shot of adrenaline to survive. Unfortunately, that “fight or flight” response still manifests itself today in risky (but not deadly) situations, such as giving a speech. Adrenaline creates the physical symptoms that exaggerate everything you are experiencing.

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