30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

As newsrooms shed jobs, journalists are looking for new careers, but is PR the right fit for you? Check out this list of the latest jobs from the communications industry.

30 PR and marketing jobs

Newsrooms are still shrinking across the U.S. and the job losses have been catastrophic for some legacy media outlets.

However, one media sector has shown repeated growth over the last 10 years: Digital publishers. According to data from the Pew Research Center, online newsrooms continue to grow, and ad revenues from their creations have also been on the rise.

However, many journalists and communicators might decide that journalism isn’t the field to which they want to dedicate their lives. Some journalists have decided to jump into PR, where the jobs outnumber their newsroom counterparts by six to one.

Is a former journalist a good fit for the PR profession? Some say that these talented storytellers have all the right tools for finding success in corporate communications.

Others say the job can frustrate a journalist used to a different way of working.

MediaBistro wrote:

“Here’s one similarity between journalism and corporate communications: No two days are ever the same,” says Paul Nonnenmacher, communications strategist, coach and former reporter.

Yet, when it comes to pace, Nonnenmacher concedes, “The corporate review [and] approval process is more challenging, because deadlines are sacrosanct for journalists but much less so for corporate managers and executives.”

At its worst, the natural inclination to rush and wrap a project can be construed as a half-baked effort by higher ups that are used to far longer timelines.

When award-winning journalist Rob Kunzia left journalism to pursue PR in 2015, he had this to say:

First, I—you know, I could pay the rent. So it’s not that I couldn’t pay the rent, it’s just that there wasn’t much left after that. And my girlfriend and I were sort of just living paycheck-to-paycheck and doing just fine, you know. We weren’t destitute, but we were saving nothing. And so yes, pay was definitely a big factor. And I think the other one, the other major factor, was more of a state-of-the-industry consideration interrelated with the pay issue. Print journalism, especially at the local level, is a scary place to be right now. And it felt like now that I’m pushing 40, it might be a good time to try something new and to obtain a new skill set.

Still, landing a job in PR can be difficult. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the PR industry will keep pace with the rest of the economy for overall job creation, but it will still be a struggle to find your place in the industry:

The need for organizations to maintain their public image will continue to drive employment growth. Candidates can expect strong competition for jobs at advertising and public relations firms and organizations with large media exposure.

You’ve got your work cut out for you, but that doesn’t mean you should be discouraged. There are plenty of great opportunities for talented storytellers out there.

Here are 30 of the top new jobs in PR and marketing:

Senior PR manager—Walker Sands, Illinois

Regional public relations coordinator—Neiman Marcus, Illinois

Marketing director—YMCA of the USA (National Resource Office), California

Director of PR and social marketing—Chico’s FAS, Inc., Florida

International PR coordinator—A+E Networks, New York

Public relations manager—AccuWeather, New York

Associate director, public relations—Hearst Magazines, New York

Director of public relations—L’Oreal, New York

Managing director, health care PR—W20 Group, Massachusetts

Public relations manager—PUMA, Massachusetts

Public relations coordinator—Marriott, North Carolina

Public information specialist—State of North Carolina, North Carolina

Publicity manager—HarperCollins Publishers, Tennessee

Public relations specialist I—The University of Tennessee, Tennessee

Communication manager—GM Financial, Texas

Director, public relations and brand experiential—Wingstop Restaurants, Inc., Texas

Director of public relations—Legacy Community Health, Texas

Director of communications, employee experience and community engagement—TransAmerica, Colorado

Senior manager, public relations and communications—The Creative Group, Colorado

Corporate communications and PR specialist—Janus Capital Group, Colorado

PR manager—Amazon, Washington

Manager, public relations—PitchBook Data, Washington

Senior PR manager—Amazon Web Services (Sports), Washington

Communications manager, Product Messenger—Facebook, Washington

PR associate—Bateman Group, Oregon

Public affairs specialist—Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Oregon

Director of communication—University of Oregon, Oregon

PR manager—HUGO BOSS, London, U.K.

Senior communication manager—Randstad, Montreal, Canada

PR and communications specialist—Pandora Jewelry, Toronto, Canada

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