4 ways to create a magnetic, energetic intranet

Follow this guidance to develop a vibrant hub of companywide collaboration and communication.

5 intranet tips

A company intranet can be a gigantic waste of time—but it can also be a communication centerpiece that boosts employee engagement.

If your 2019 goals include launching, relaunching or reviving your intranet, here are four practical tips to create a vibrant hub:

1. Secure senior management buy-in and ongoing support.

Despite recent reports of declining trust in business leaders among employees, power and influence still flow from those at the top. The behaviors and words of senior leaders signal to employees what is (and is not) acceptable at work. Execs set the tone of your company culture, and they dictate which communication channels your company prioritizes.

For your intranet to survive and succeed, your leaders must see it as an important communication tool. They must also allocate sufficient resources to maintain it and consistently promote it.

2. Invest in a collaborative, integrated and seamless platform.

If your intranet is cumbersome, clunky or cluttered, it will quickly become a ghost town.

If your employees feel that the intranet is just “one more thing” to add to their many obligations, they won’t use it. They’ll go out of their way not to use it.

Make your intranet a one-stop shop for employees. It should be your company’s main communication hub, where colleagues can collaborate and collect any essential information they need to do their jobs.

3. Regularly collect user feedback.

Feedback is, indeed, the breakfast of champions for communicators.

An intranet is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. To ensure long-term intranet adoption and use, it’s important to gather feedback regularly from your users. Depending on that feedback, you might delete features that no one’s using or alter the design to accommodate preferences.

4. Seek out your digital natives and tech enthusiasts.

For some people, new technology is a nightmare realized. Others take to fresh tech like ducks to a pond.

Identify those savvy tech enthusiasts, and encourage them to thoroughly review your intranet. Shower these early adopters with praise, recognition and gourmet coffee. Seek their input, and listen to their suggestions.

Your intranet’s survival hinges upon what your colleagues make of it, so gathering (and implementing) employee feedback is essential.

Now, go forth, and create a magnetic intranet that your employees will love.

Annique Simpson is a communicator based in London. A version of this post first appeared on her website.


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