5 best content formats to engage your audience

Piquing audience interest is one thing; turning the curious into a client is another. These approaches can help.

When it comes to blog content creation, your priority should be to write content that is not only high quality, but engaging to your audience as well.

Whether you’re writing B2B or B2C content, it’s important to inform and inspire your audience to take the next steps in your sales cycle. Basically, your business blog should provide prospective customers another tool to research your industry, company, products, and services without giving them a hard sell.



If you’re wondering where to start when creating engaging content, try one (or a few) of these formats proven to generate high levels of consumer engagement:

1. White paper: Whereas blog posts tend to run three to five paragraphs, in a white paper, which can run 10 pages or longer, the content is more detailed. A white paper might not be the best tool to inspire a prospect to do business with you, but it provides key information during a person’s research process.

2. E-book: Similar to a white paper, an e-book can provide a tremendous amount of information about a subject of interest. It’s a great format to demonstrate thought leadership about a particular position and is most effective in the early stages of a sales cycle. When targeting consumers, it’s better to use the term “e-book” over “white paper.”

3. Webinar: As it’s not always possible to attend a seminar, a webinar is the next best thing. Generally, webinars are conducted live, which can provide an incredibly engaging experience for your audience.

4. Blog post: You’re reading one now. Adding images, video, and useful infographics can help boost audience engagement.

5. Case study: Consumers like to see how others have benefited from your products or services, and sharing these experiences can be beneficial in converting the curious to customers.

A version of this article originally appeared on Digital Sherpa.


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