5 essential traits for success in public speaking

Preparation for your presentation should go beyond rehearsing. Awareness of your strengths and commitment to shore up any weaknesses will help your confidence and credibility.

5 traits of successful speakers

Great public speakers are made, not born.

Public speaking can be terrifying if you lack the eloquence or other qualities to inspire. If your speaking skills are lacking, your presentation will probably not relay your message effectively.

These five qualities will bolster your presentations to inspire and influence your audience:

1. Confidence. A public speaker who exudes confidence is seen as more credible, knowledgeable, intelligent and likable. It’s natural to be nervous, but public speakers must overcome jitters. The key is to practice, practice, practice. Once you’re feeling solid, confidence will flow naturally.

2. Passion. Without passion, your speech will seem meaningless. Passion elicits emotions that move an audience and effectively convey your message.

3. Introspection and self-awareness. Most successful speakers work to capitalize on their strengths and to remedy their weaknesses. To start, list all your exceptional traits, especially those involved in making a presentation. Is it humor that adds flavor to your presentation, or is it storytelling? Next, list key presentation traits that you lack; work to improve and incorporate those latter traits to make your presentation more engaging.

4. Being yourself. No matter how much you have rehearsed, if you don’t act like yourself, your audience may see you as insincere. Think of it this way: If you create a website and overload it with copied or duplicated content, it won’t attract much traffic. Likewise for a speaker, authenticity is essential for credibility. Speak with a natural voice; practice your speech, but you needn’t memorize it.

5. An engaging approach. Your delivery should be conversational and engagethe audience. You can achieve this through storytelling or conducting fun or body-relaxing activities.

Arman Sadeghi is the founder of Titanium Success. A version of this post first ran on the Manner of Speaking blog.


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