5 important elements for your intranet

Your organization’s internal hub has to be more than a kiosk for posting the cafeteria’s lunch specials and photos of the softball team’s big win. It must help workers do their jobs.

A business intranet must engage employees, support daily initiatives, reflect company values and help people do their work.

As administrator, you must ensure that your intranet meets these basic needs—but where do you start?

Make sure your business intranet has these five features:

1. Employee profiles

These should have accurate, up-to-date information. Have every staffer review his or her profile annually, and add this task to your checklist for new hires. Include current headshots.

2. Enterprise search

Effective enterprise search boosts productivity and efficiency, so make sure yours has:

  • Display cards, which show a preview of search result
  • Search filters, enabling users to filter results by document, form, person, etc.
  • Auto-suggestion, which completes search terms based on language in your intranet

3. Engaging content

Tailor content to the departments and factions within your organization, focusing on areas of interest and solutions to common problems. Include personalized content, images and interactive content (e.g., forms and surveys), and tag your content to make it easier to find through keyword searches.

4. Employee recognition

When employees feel valued and appreciated, they perform better. Celebrate and recognize employees for a job well done with kudos from managers and peers. Doing so will make your intranet an integral part of your corporate culture, attracting employees’ attention and helping you spread other important information.

5. Resources

Make sure your intranet helps employees do their work efficiently and effectively. Provide quick and easy access to important resources, such as tools and features that ease tasks and processes: documents, policies, online forms and more.

A version of this post originally appeared on Intranet Connections.


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