5 secrets for successful remote work

How to improve the experience for employees — and the business as a whole.

5 secrets for successful remote work

Founder and CEO of PeopleG2 Chris Dyer tells Human Resource Executive that remote work can improve business, if done right. And this should start with with defining what is at each organization, Dyer notes.

“Often people have a clear idea of what it is, but when we discuss we don’t all agree,” he adds.

However it is defined by your organization, Dyer shares five strategies to help make remote successful:

  • Everyone dials into a meeting vs. some calling in while others gather in a conference room and have side conversations.
  • Ditch the annual survey in favor of faster methods in a remote environment. Dyer says he sends a weekly one-question survey.
  • Remember to celebrate wins and say thank you, even if it’s simply posted in a Slack channel or on an intranet.
  • Stop having one-on-one meetings. Dyer says that, outside of coaching or mentoring meetings, one-on-ones can create more meetings and work since no one else knows what was discussed and recommends group meetings instead.
  • Curate your meetings by starting on time, aiming to end early and have an agenda every time.


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