5 tips for making the most of your email marketing

Pinpoint its value to your specific audience, keep it clear and concise, and experiment with infographics and other formats.

5 email marketing tips

Email marketing offers tremendous ROI and has one of the best average conversion rates.

Of course, none of that matters unless recipients open and find merit in your message, so let’s review five ways to ensure your email efforts soar:

1. Know what the audience wants.

For instance, if your audience is CEOs and other executives, you may want to keep your offer brief and informative—or include market research and data that relates to their industry. That sort of email would differ greatly from an email campaign targeting IT professionals.

Likewise, differentiate emails going to Gen Z consumers versus Baby Boomers.

2. Prioritize short-form content.

Create emails for busy audiences on the go. Picture someone sifting through messages on a coffee break, making split-second decisions on whether to click or delete.

Your email therefore must be mobile-friendly.

Start by crafting a snappy subject line and compelling first sentence. This content is what will display in the snippet, so it’s worth paying careful attention. Here’s what else you should include right up top:

  • Include the name of a recipient.
  • Include the name of a shared contact.
  • Include the gist of your offer.
  • Include buzzwords, such as “free” or “discount.”

Your next objective is making the text of the email brief and informative. You don’t have the luxury of explaining your offer in 500 words, so stick to the very core of the idea you’re selling.

Show the benefits to your audience, and establish the precedent for a follow-up message. Pique interest by providing a valuable piece of content or perhaps a bonus/discount code.

3. Make it easy to digest.

Avoid using jargon, and break up text into small paragraphs. Use bullet points to make key points pop.

Keep your ideas simple, explain offers in plain (few) words, and tie paragraphs together with compelling transitions.

4. Make it valuable.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re sending a text-only message, linking to an important piece of content, or just showcasing your products, the email must have some value for the reader.

The easiest way of keeping the email valuable is by offering a discount, a coupon or a gift. Add a time limit to make the offer to drive even more conversions.

You can also provide a cheat sheet, a checklist or a helpful template. Whatever resource you provide, make it something that will make your recipients’ lives easier.

5. Change up the medium.

Don’t just write an outreach letter or send an assortment of articles.

Try illustrating your points with an infographic or link to a podcast instead of an article. Think visual.

Mix up your messaging to surprise—and hopefully delight—your readers.

A version of this post first appeared on MarTech Advisor.


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    Jenna says:

    In this fiscal year, I have given more priority to email marketing than social media for leveraging sales. During my learning process, I understood about email marketing automation from EasySendy and Mailgun. I have found the right ways to ensure my efforts soar instead of going in vain.

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