5 tips to highlight your talents and insights on LinkedIn

The professional platform is an ideal spot for networking, but simply posting profile text and a photo won’t make much impact. Post, comment, share, interact.

What are your networking goals?

The internet—especially LinkedIn—can help you showcase your skills through real-time conversations about trending topics in industry.

Your voice can shine in your blog, an article, a response to a trending news story or a video critiquing the latest technological advancements in software used at work. Once you use SEO social media techniques in weekly posts, you will notice an increase of people reviewing your profile with minimal effort on your part.

LinkedIn is no longer the place to merely upload a professional photo and content from a résumé for recruiters to find you. It’s a platform that can help you to bring new ideas to work, get noticed and even promoted for a unique job opportunity.



Here are the top ways to get the results you deserve on LinkedIn:

1. Effective content is essential.

If you own a business, position yourself as a subject matter expert. It means finding conversations and posting comments or sharing useful posts you produce. It can include sharing your strategies for connecting with clients or employee engagement programs that have helped you retain top talent.

2. Reusing content from a resumé.

One great way to improve your LinkedIn profile is writing new content in job descriptions from your résumé. As you write, think about transition words and action verbs that will catch the attention of a recruiter.

Do you work in sales? Point out examples of closing accounts with the percentage of your success rate to present your achievements.

If you are an intern, mention the well-known celebrities or community leaders you worked with at an event. Include information on your profile people can’t find in your résumé and cover letter.

3. Start weekly conversations.

Your connections can turn into warm leads if you reach out to a previous co-worker or a client you haven’t worked within a few months. Check their profile, and read their LinkedIn posts. Comment on what you like about their personal views.

Join a group that is connected to your industry, and post best practices to help members of the group.

LinkedIn is a free service, but it’s a great place to land a new job or find a new client—simply by sparking online conversations.

4. Update your photo and background photo.

If your current picture is out of date, upload a new one. Your LinkedIn photo might be undermining your credibility. Hiring a photographer is a worthy investment and an easy way to improve your online presence.

The background image should reflect where you are in your profession. If you are a graphic designer, upload one of your best pieces of work. If you invented a new app, upload the original design.

Once your profile photos emphasize your credibility—without people even reading your experience—you’ve accomplished your goal.

5. Promote your LinkedIn profile.

Add your customized URL to your résumé, business card, online portfolio and your website. If you’ve received a promotion or switched jobs, update all your social media profiles to include your new gig. This is an easy way to increase your connections and get to know more people in your industry.

You may not be able to afford a stunning personal website right now, but LinkedIn can serve the same purpose.

Makeda Waterman is a writer based in Canada.


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