5 ways to make a splash in broadcast interviews

It can be nervewracking to deliver an interesting and relaxed conversation while staring into a camera lens, but these insights can help you project your brand and amplify your message.

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Many people over don’t feel comfortable looking down the lens of a camera, and even members of the selfie-generation can feel self conscious if they can’t use a filter during a live broadcast.

There are many elements to a successful interview, from what to wear to how to gesture, but what’s most important is the conversation’s content. You can highlight this by putting your best face forward.

Consider these tips for live or video interviews:

1. Perfect your posture.

Consider your posture in an interview setting. Your physical posture is a visual cue to your mindset in an interview – especially in a broadcast situation. It can either distract from your words or help emphasize them.

Try not to swivel in a chair or lean too far back. Instead, sit up straight and show that you’re engaged. Your body should remain relatively still, but use hand gestures as appropriate. In some settings, when your hands are not in full view of the camera, it’s better to keep your hands still and out of the frame.

2. Nod purposefully.

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