6 essentials for your organization’s intranet

That internal hub is of no use if employees shun it. Whether you’re overhauling it or starting from scratch, consider these fundamentals to ensure your people make the most of its benefits.

Are employees flocking to your intranet, or letting it collect virtual dust?

Business intranet software is designed with ease of use in mind, but that’s not to say teams don’t run into occasional hurdles. Transitioning to a new work method is difficult no matter how good your employees might be, and overlooking potential problems won’t do your organization any favors.

Here are six tips for a successful intranet:

1. Focus on your major business objectives. Think about how you can use your intranet to address your organization’s primary goals while saving time and energy. Writing out a game plan is helpful.

2. Take a top-down approach. By doing so, you can ensure that all of your business’s internal processes are running smoothly. The CEO needn’t handle this task, though. Anyone with managerial experience and software acumen is a good candidate for managing a team, especially if they’re versed in project collaboration. Choose your best and brightest to fill this role, and don’t hesitate to enlist more than one manager for a given project.

3. Start slowly. Overloading employees with information and tasks can burn them out. Ease them in with a few light training sessions. It’s easier to assimilate the basics of any new platform when you take them one at a time, especially given how complex some intranets are. The smoother you can make the transition, the fewer problems your team will encounter.

4. Integrate your other business processes. Marketing, sales and other processes are of utmost important for most businesses, and neglecting them can cause a host of problems. Don’t overlook these elements when incorporating social intranet software.

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5. Encourage your employees to share ideas. From the beginning, explain to your people that the reason for implementing an intranet is to empower them to communicate their ideas. Solutions will pop up faster, and collaborative ideas will come to light.

6. Don’t omit elements of fun. Avoid exhausting your employees. There are many ways to make your intranet fun. Hold contests, create games, or encourage your employees to interact on a personal level. Recharging makes for a more productive workday.

Tim Eisenhauer is a co-founder/president of Axero Solutions and author of “Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? Break Down the Invisible Barriers to Employee Engagement .” A version of this post originally appeared on the Axero Solutions blog.


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