6 online tools to inspire bloggers

These helpers will generate titles, first lines and random words to get those creative juices flowing.

Running a full-time blog can be demanding, especially if you want to post regularly and gain popularity.

Using title generators or other online tools not only helps you come up with effective headlines, but can inspire an entire blog post. Here are six online tools to inspire you:

Blog title generator app

To use this blog title generator, just type in your topic, and you will get a list of eye-catching titles-for example: “10 facts guaranteed to impress you” or “Top 10 unbelievable facts.”

This app can generate hundreds of titles to keep you inspired; it’s a free download on Google Play Store for Android.

iDeas for writing app

With iDeas, you don’t have to worry about writer’s block. The app offers creative triggers and exercises to inspire your blog, creative writing, poetry and much more.

It has the following features:

  • Ask for help from a professional content writer.
  • Engage in exercises to improve your writing and to get inspiration for a new post.
  • Use the word generator to get five random words to start writing about.
  • Create characters to trigger fictional scenarios and characters.
  • Employ the title generator to inspire blog posts, screenplays or stories.
  • Create inspiring first lines from thousands of suggestions.

Impactbnd.com online blog title generator

Impact Branding and Design specializes in branding and design for company websites.

Its title generator will help you come up with catchy titles for your blogs. Choose to browse through themes, or simply type in the topic you are writing about.

HubSpot blog topic generator

The HubSpot blog topic generator lets you fill in three fields with words of your choice.

They suggest using plural nouns for the best results; complete all three or only one. The more words you type in, the more topics it will generate. Fill in all three fields to get a variety of title and topic ideas.

One round can afford you more than a week’s worth of topics to write about. (You might want to tweak the results for relevance and grammar.)


SEOPressor.com focuses on creating SEO content, including generating blog titles, because the right keywords help your blog posts to rank high on search engines.

Hint: Use plurals rather than singular words for titles to make more sense.

Article Generator Pro

This handy little app for Android devices generates content for articles, essays, blogs and websites on any topic imaginable. It can help you automate your blog content: With one click you can get a detailed article written for you.

Use the shuffle and rewrite features to enhance your content. You can customize word count, add bibliographies, customize research options, send the content via email and add images.

The app is free for now, but once it becomes popular, it will probably get a price tag.

A version of this article originally appeared on Spin Sucks.


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