6 things TEDx speakers do to succeed

To reach the presentation pinnacle, it’s essential to promote yourself, study previous presenters, practice, and prepare for technical difficulties.

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TEDx is the holy grail of public speaking.

A chance to finally get your story, your message, and your voice in front of tens of thousands of people. Everyone knows the value a TEDx talk can bring to their career, but few understand the logistics behind the events themselves.

How do you prepare for and present a flawless speech? How do you leave a lasting impression on your audience? How do you actually land the opportunity to speak in the first place? There’s a lot to learn, but fortunately, there are many public speaking veterans eager to assist you on your journey toward a great presentation.

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Here’s what they did to make their talks successful, and how they suggest you can do the same:

1. They sell themselves before they sell their stories.

It’s often harder landing a speaking gig at a coveted event like TEDx than it is delivering the actual presentation. It’s a competitive environment. People are aware of the prestige that accompanies talking in front of those big red letters, and as such there are dozens of applicants fighting for your spot on stage.

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