6 things you should measure—and 6 you shouldn’t

The queen of measurement lays out what you shouldn’t waste your time with, and what to stop ignoring.

Not sure what you should measure this year? Here are dozen recommendations of things that should and shouldn’t be included in your measurement plan.

6 things companies should measure but probably don’t:

  1. The ROI of email holiday cards and calendars.
  2. The difference in impact between mobile and non-mobile social media.
  3. The relative value of corporate social responsibility, intellectual property, and relationships.
  4. The real cost and benefit of a viral video.
  5. The value of a long-term social relationship versus a Facebook “like.”
  6. The value of a social relationship versus direct mail, email, billboards, etc.

6 things companies measure but probably shouldn’t:

  1. The return on investment of your network.
  2. The dollar value of a Facebook fan.
  3. The dollar value of a tweet.
  4. Advertising value equivalency.
  5. The accuracy of plastic rulers.
  6. The radioactivity of dirt on a fashion model.

Katie Delahaye Paine is CEO of KDPaine & Partners, and publisher of The Measurement Standard newsletter, in which this article first appeared.


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