7 BuzzSumo tips for content marketers

Whether you’re researching popular topics or trying to craft that can’t-miss headline, these features can help you reach and engage your target audience.

If you write content, track competitors, monitor brand mentions or target media, then BuzzSumo can help you simplify those tasks.

Following are the service’s most helpful features for content marketers seeking insights and analysis of popular online content and those who share it. (Keep in mind that some features will vary based on your subscription level.)

1. Generate content ideas

Coming up with ideas for blog posts and headlines takes time. Searching for content by topic on BuzzSumo’s Top Content tab will show you what readers like, which inspire you to create similar content. Additionally, you can filter results by date, language, country and content type.

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In the example below, searching for the term “demand generation” provides pages of examples sorted by most social media shares. These data offer insight into how to create engaging content about that topic. Best of all, BuzzSumo will provide a handful of results for free.

2. Conduct content research by domain

Under the Top Content tab, you can search by domain. This helps you discover what type of content performs best depending on different sites, which is especially helpful for writing guest articles. For example, if you search Relevance.com, you will find that one of the most-shared articles is “Why Internal Storytelling Is Key to Content Strategy.”

3. Find and connect with influencers

The platform’s Influencers tab lets you search for experts with reach by topic or keyword. You can search for:

  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • Journalists
  • Companies
  • Regular people

The results list will display valuable information such as a number of followers, average reply and average retweet ratio. These data will help you identify those worth targeting in influencer marketing campaigns.

4. Monitor trends and industry news

BuzzSumo’s Trending tab lets you track what’s happening online. Starting with popular default categories, you can view the most popular content within the past two, four, eight or 24 hours.

The Trending tab also lets BuzzSumo Pro users monitor up to 10 custom topics, making it easy to see what’s happening in your industry. This feature can help identify real-time opportunities and save you time when you’re searching for articles to share on social media.

5. Monitor brand mentions and backlinks

Many marketing and PR tools help you to monitor media mentions, but they can miss relevant online mentions. BuzzSumo picks up what other platforms miss. Users can set up separate alerts and have them emailed to team members based on:

  • Keyword/brand name
  • Links to a domain, subdomain or exact URL
  • Content published by a particular author
  • Content published on a particular domain that reaches a minimum number of total shares set by the account admin

6. Benchmark performance

BuzzSumo’s Content Analysis tab makes it incredibly simple to gain performance insight. This section includes a pre-built report that helps you analyze content performance by domain, topic or keyword and provides data that include:

  • Average shares by network and content type
  • Shares by day of the week
  • Average shares by content length
  • Popular topics
  • Top posts

Armed with this information, content writers can focus on doing more of what works.

7. Analyze competitors

The Domain Comparison feature provides the same data as the Content Analysis tab, but it lets you display the performance of two websites in a head-to-head showdown. Use this feature to find out where you’re outpacing competitors and where you’re falling short.

As content marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to work smarter. Tools like BuzzSumo help us do that quickly, so we can get back to doing what we love-creating content.

Anthony Hardman is senior consultant at PR 20/20. A version of this article originally appeared on Business2Community.


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