8 blog topic treasure troves

Replenish your well of creativity with help from Google, Buzzsumo, Quora and SEMrush.

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If you’re not sure what to write about, don’t fret; blog topics are everywhere.

To show how easy it is to find blog topics for any business, let’s use a random word to find a theme. How about “bake”? Let’s assume we’re promoting a baking company, blogging about cakes and baking. Keep in mind, each source listed below can be used for any company in any industry.

Blog topics from keyphrase research tools

Keyphrase research isn’t just for SEO. It’s a fun, fast way to read the minds of millions of people and find great blog topics.

1. Use topics Google suggests.

Whenever you search in Google, you’ll see suggested topics as Google auto-completes your query with a longer phrase. This is convenient for searchers, but it’s also a potential goldmine for savvy bloggers.

Just type in a question word (such as “which”) and your topic word (such as “cakes”), and Google will suggest a list of blog topics.

Add a letter, and you’ll see more suggestions. Of course, it’s a long process to enter all 26 letters of the alphabet. Fortunately, there are tools that do this for you. One is Keyword Tool.

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