8 public speaking lessons from Ted Talks

Whether you’re terrified of speaking in front of an audience or a seasoned presenter looking for ways to improve, these tips can help you ace your next speech.

Fear of public speaking—known by logophiles as “glossophobia”—has been long identified as the most prevalent of all the potential anxieties out there.

A full 75 percent of people are said to fear public speaking. On one hand, it makes no sense. Why would we fear speaking, which is something that the vast majority of non-hermits do every day?

On the other hand, it makes perfect sense. There are so many eyes on us, many opportunities to fail and potential for judgment. All of our insecurities are on public display.

Luckily, the Internet brings us infinite resources and information—including valuable guidance on overcoming the fear of public speaking.

One of those resources comes to us in handy infographic form, borrowing from the popular Ted Talks series. It digs into eight Ted Talks that have something to teach us about public speaking and comes up with the following takeaways:

1. Follow the path of influential speeches.

2. Use the tools in your vocal toolbox.

3. Be engaged.

4. Keep an audience’s attention.

5. Use “the golden circle” (what, how and why).

6. Connect with your audience.

7. Body language is paramount.

8. Break the ice.

Check out the infographic below—and share your public speaking tips and techniques in the comments:


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