9 tips to avoid shooting a ghastly Halloween video

Halt! Before entering this dark marketing crypt, make sure you have actors, a budget, a timeline and a script.

Halloween video tips

It’s not too late to concoct a creepy, compelling Halloween-themed video to delight your customers and employees.

Consider the following suggestions, questions and tips to shoot and edit a Halloween video that might scare up genuine engagement:

1. Select your team. Who will oversee the project? Who will shoot and edit the video? Who will need to approve the final version?

2. Establish the budget. You generally get what you pay for, so what’s the value of this project? What are your goals, exactly?

3. Create a timeline. Do you have enough time to properly execute your vision? When and where will you shoot the video? When is the first draft due? When will the leadership team need to review it? Will you post it prior to Halloween?

4. Hammer out the script. Will it include dialogue—or simply visuals and grunts from someone in a Frankenstein mask?

5. Decide on employees or actors. Will you ask your “stars” to sign a waiver? If you hire actors, can you find them at a local community theater? What if the actors later ask to share your internal video on their reel to help them land starring roles in Hollywood?

6. Consider the costumes. Will your actors be donning Dracula masks, or will you hire a makeup artist?

7. Allow enough time for scheduling. How easily can you coordinate everyone—especially if you plan to shoot at night?

8. Discuss the music. Are you planning to include copyrighted music and watch your attorneys sweat, or will you purchase royalty-free tunes?

9. Consider whether it’s worth the trouble. We’ve all seen corporate videos that are a horror to watch. Do you plan to simply slap something together and hope at least you laugh, or is your goal to craft something that reminds your employees how lucky they are to work at such a cool company?

It’s not too late to create a frighteningly good piece of Halloween content. Just make sure you have a plan in place to avoid being stuck with an expensive, rotten pumpkin.

A version of this post first appeared on the Flip Side Communications blog.


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