After 50 years, King’s ‘Dream’ lives on

In 17 minutes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words helped change the course of civil rights forever, and they continue to inspire social progress today.

Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of an estimated 250,000 social activists’ assembling for the March on Washington, one of the largest political rallies in U.S. history. The daylong demonstration is credited for significantly progressing the nation’s civil rights movement, but 17 minutes in particular would live on in oratorical history. That’s how long it took Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to deliver his “I Have a Dream” speech, which didn’t originally have that title. It was first called “Normalcy—Never Again,” but King ad-libbed heavily when the audience responded vocally to that key phrase.

In honor of King’s speech, its impact, and his memory, we share this infographic from eSpeakers that notes more information about a day that King himself declared “the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.”

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