Beki Winchel

Beki is a Wisconsinite with an accent and a deep love of the Packers to prove it. She graduated from Brigham Young University in PR, and specializes in social media PR. She's worked with companies in a variety of industries and has co-authored a book and industry publications about bridging the gap between traditional public relations and digital media.

Going along with her social media PR background, Beki is fascinated by the sociology of publics, trends in the PR and marketing worlds, social entrepreneurship, and technology. She lives on social media and hates the misuse of apostrophes, which seem to be even more prevalent on digital platforms. Both Taye Diggs and the AP Stylebook follow her on Twitter, which she somehow considers a personal accomplishment.

Beki is also a huge nerd. She'll fangirl over practically anything involving Hogwarts, Jasper Cullen, certain dystopian series, or Tom Hiddleston. She will travel any chance she gets, has a soft spot for "anything pretty" outdoors, has entirely too many nail polishes and lip glosses, and can nearly always be found at a movie theater if she's not reading or scheming a new plan for world domination.


Twitter: @bekiweki

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