Benchmark your email with big data

A free PoliteMail download offers conclusions drawn from analyzing 600 million emails. Find out what metrics matter in making your most important channel a success.

Email benchmarking stats

Do you send too much internal email?

How much—or how little—do your employees actually read?

And how do your metrics compare against those of your peers?

A free download from PoliteMail, “Corporate Communications Internal Email Benchmarks for 10 Industry Sectors,” offers answers to these and other questions that determine communication success or failure.

Using big data gleaned from nearly 600 million emails, this report offers actionable intelligence that will boost your communications’ effectiveness.

The research draws on aggregated, anonymized data from 72% of PoliteMail customers that each have more than 2,500 employees, affording you insights drawn from 5.2 million employees total.

The report will help you determine whether your open rate matches industry standards. It also raises a far more important question: Is “open rate” a metric that even matters?

“An email open simply tells you that the message reached the recipient preview pane,” the report states. “Like a web page view, it is a simple measure of audience reach.”

Finding better metrics

That metric is flawed, counting emails that your target audience barely glanced at or that devices opened—meaning no human received the message. Even if you do get employees to open your email, you have only a matter of seconds to engage them. Learn what percentage of openers skim 20% of the content, read more than half or open it on mobile.

Average email reach is a better means of determining the success of your messaging. Knowledge is power, and by understanding metrics, you can better craft your messaging to see what works.

In this free download, you will learn:

  • How to see an 11% growth in email read rate and 50% increase in click-through rate
  • What benchmark data is and what industry sectors it covers
  • What a good corporate open rate is
  • Why email metrics matter
  • The story of reach, readership and engagement
  • Average email KPls for reach, frequency, readership and engagement
  • How long the typical employee spends reading an email—and how to better deliver your message in that window of time
  • What you should know about average engagement
  • Average email key performance indicators by industry sector

Learn about the grading of metrics and attention rate, and find out the primary factors that affect engagement, such as reading ease and authenticity. Discover the difference between an open rate and effective rate. Find out what percentage of email openers will click at least one link.

Get the information you need to benchmark your email communications. Download your free copy today.

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