Communicating about workplace risk to your employees

A comms strategy around workplace violence risks offers lessons in general crisis management, too.

No one wants to think about the fallout of workplace violence incidents. But with the major spike in workplace violence incidents that have unfortunately led to the headlines of newspapers across the country over the last few years, you should know how to formulate a message in case something happens at work — along with how to talk to the organization about preparation and prevention. When communicators create a strategy surrounding workplace violence risks, they can also carry the lessons and takeaways they’ve learned in the process over to general crisis management.

Comms around workplace violence prevention

Underscoring the importance of preparation are the many instances of workplace violence that healthcare workers faced during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. During our last Communications Leadership Council Healthcare Collaborative call, several members spoke about how they used their communications strategies to keep their organization’s employees safe. The highlights of the conversation led to conclusions about keeping the workplace staff safe and informed, which included:

In addition, members found that looking at crisis plans and revising them to respond to current threats can help keep an organization prepared and ready for any incidents that might arise.

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