Data-backed tips to optimize internal emails

Tired of being ignored by employees and wasting precious time? Use these smart tactics to boost reach, readership and engagement.

Email is still the most reliable, effective way to reach employees.

Especially during this stressful season of global unrest and anxiety, the primacy of compelling, clear communication reigns supreme. Unfortunately, most companies have no real email plan or strategy, resulting in a reactive, scattershot mess that consistently misses the messaging mark. Such a haphazard approach leads to miscommunication, confusion and a blown opportunity to engage employees.

A new guide from PoliteMail—“COVID-19’s Lasting Impact on Corporate Communications”—digs deep into data to highlight how to craft internal emails that resonate with employees. The free download, which features analysis gleaned from a study of more than 650 million internal emails sent to 5 million employees, shares specific tips regarding:

  • What types of content are working right now (and what gets ignored)
  • Common mistakes that cause employees to ignore internal emails
  • How many messages employers are sending—and how many employees are receiving
  • What subject lines tend to capture attention
  • How to boost your reach, readership and engagement
  • How to build targeted, segmented lists to send more personalized content
  • Which metrics really matter
  • How long emails should be—and what successful emails tend to include
  • How often (and when) you should be sending emails

Internal email remains the best and most reliable way to reach employees, so why not get smarter about your strategy? Download your free guide today.

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