Elements of the perfect blog post

BlogPros examined blog posts that fared well, crunched the numbers, and figured out the factors that made them successful.

The rise of content marketing means that brands compete with traditional publishers for page views, resulting in a cacophony of blog noise.

How are marketers supposed to cut through that noise? It would be nice if every blog post could be perfect, but does such a thing exist?

My approach to best corporate blogging practices has always been to ensure that the content is timely, relevant, valuable to my audience and well-written. Anyone who has managed business content knows that it takes more than that to get eyes on your posts, however.

That’s where this BlogPros infographic comes in. “What makes the perfect blog post?” doesn’t give you a fail-proof formula for writing something that will get a ton of page views, but it looks at 100 high-ranking posts and gleans some interesting insights.

For instance, these top posts have an average of 1,149 words. Nearly half of them (45 percent) contained a numbered list. And these posts linked out to other sources, with nearly 10 links per blog post.

Check out more of what makes some top posts stand out. (Click here for a larger image.)


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