Bridging the generational gap with comms

How to cater messaging to wide age swaths.

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In any company today, there’s a solid chance that employees can cover four generations, spanning from baby boomers to Gen Z, with Gen X and millennials in the middle. That’s such a wide chasm in ages that a one-size-fits-all approach to your internal comms strategy isn’t likely to take hold effectively for everyone.

However, there are some general tactics a comms department can take to ensure that the message is reaching everyone, regardless of generation — and there are even some tips that can be used to focus in on specific demographics for maximum effect. If done correctly, this kind of messaging can foster collaboration across generations and help build a more positive culture at work.

The challenge and opportunity of age diversity

An age-diverse workplace (or any kind of diversity within an organization), is undeniably a good thing. However, the preferred methods of communication and the language and phrasing used to do so can vary wildly. So with this in mind, how do you get through to everyone?

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