Employee wellness tech: March 14-18, 2022

A weekly roundup of technologies focused on monitoring and improving employee health and well-being.

Employee wellness tech

Sunbasket and Diet ID are partnering on a solution that integrates Diet ID’s digital diet quality assessment and goal-setting tools with Sunbasket’s personalized meal plans. Participants can take a quiz to determine their best path to healthy eating, and then those recommendations are integrated into the meal service with a range of food options that adhere to the prescribed diet plan. This end-to-end solution is being positioned as a way for employers to improve their employees’ diet quality and reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

              Benefits broker Nava launched The Nava Benefits Search Engine that allows employers to browse a range of benefits across 28 benefit categories. Within the search engine, users can search across benefit categories, like “mental health” or “wellness coaching,” or for a specific vendor. Vendor information, reviews from other human resource leaders and benchmarking data will be available.

              Within the GuidedChoice app 3Nickels, the new service, Advice, is available. The Advice service will offer personalized advice to assist users with tracking their financial accounts and goals. While the 3Nickels app offers free financial advisory tools, Advice is a subscription-based tier option for $14.99 a month.

              Turquoise Health introduces a price transparency scorecard that tracks the compliance of hospitals on a scale of one to five with the Hospital Price Transparency Rule. The scorecard acts as a search tool, allowing users to search for a hospital and see its accompanying score. A score of four or five means the hospital’s file is complete, while a score of one means there is no file at all. This can be used to demonstrate how the cost of services can vary by hospital locations in an area or by insurer and potentially save money on services if location flexibility is an option. 

              Breastcancer.org has relaunched its website with an emphasis on being inclusive to everyone who is facing breast cancer at any phase of the disease. Upon arrival, visitors can choose an archetype of who they are — whether that’s a newly diagnosed person, in treatment, a caregiver or others — which redirects them to more information and resources dedicated to that journey. While the website focuses on knowledge, those who choose to create an account can enter diagnosis and treatment information to receive personalized, useful content.


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