Expert-level email metrics that will help you craft smarter, better campaigns

Open rates matter, but dig deep into your list composition, lifecycle engagement and messaging mix to elevate your inbox game. 

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The road to email success starts by determining which metrics matter most to you.

One question I habitually ask clients is, “What metrics do you use to measure and improve your email marketing performance?” The answers vary, but they typically cluster around:

Email service provider campaign-level rate metrics. Open rates, click rates, click-to-open rates, etc. Clients are typically looking to improve these metrics over what they have achieved in the past. Usually these metrics are aggregated across campaigns.

Business attribution metrics. What percent of sales or registrations can be attributed to email actions? Clients often use “last-click” attribution methods, though they do use other strategies as well.

Subscriber health/engagement metrics. More advanced marketers also analyze trends in engagement within their subscriber base. What percentage of clients have opened/clicked or taken some other action in the last 30/60/90 days?

These metrics are all useful. However, there are a variety of other items to monitor and measure that can reveal strengths and weaknesses. These include:

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