Great leaders innovate ethically and responsibly. Here’s how.

Leaders can enact lasting change with a focus on fairness and equality.

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The rise of an increasingly dispersed workforce has pushed leaders to swiftly embrace new, innovative business models and ways of working. Many of the same executives who beat the word “pivot” into the burial ground of overused corporate jargon were also quick to incorporate new digital tools, software and flexible work policies that allowed their business — and the people who make it run—to thrive.

The most successful leaders among them were able to implement and justify these innovations as part of their organization’s larger culture and values. Business leader Ken Chenault explained during a May, 2022 TED talk how great leaders understand that responsible innovation focuses on equality as a means to uplift teams and enact lasting change.

Chenault reminded his audience that the most effective leaders during uncertain times can demonstrate how the changes they implement provide meaning and value to the people they lead. “If you want to lead, you have to be willing to serve,” Chenault said. “You’ve got to have that servant leadership mentality.”

Here are a couple of Chenault’s tips that leaders can follow to serve their employees in a fair, equitable and engaging way.

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