Guidance for crafting compelling quizzes for marketing purposes

To create interactive content that gets results, start with a tantalizing title. Try to provide value for your audience, keep it short, and make it shareable.

Quizzes might have been the bane of your high school existence, but they can be content marketing gold.

Let’s have a look at three great examples of quizzes in action, as well as six tips for creating your own:


To attract new employees, Heineken created an interactive quiz featuring fun, quickfire questions. The quiz is easy to answer and navigate, with plenty of visual aids, which streamlines the process.

The video aspect takes a bit of time, but it helps to qualify the most motivated respondents. After completing the quiz, you can share your results and immediately apply for a job.

The winning aspects:

  • It has a sleek design.
  • It’s fun and interactive.
  • It oozes Heineken personality.
  • It offers relatable content.
  • It’s directly tied to Heineken’s goal of recruiting top talent.


Nike’s “Basketball Blueprint” quiz helps you find shoes that match your game.

By answering a few questions about where you like to play on the court and which positions you prefer, the quiz matches you with NBA stars who mirror your style of play.

Of course, there is a personalized shoe recommendation as well.

The winning aspects:

  • It’s fun and interactive.
  • There’s useful filtering to get a personalized product recommendation.
  • It’s quick and easy to fill out.
  • Matching customers with superstars provides a compelling reason to fill out the quiz.


ExxonMobil’s “Energy Quiz” poses the question:

How much do you know about the energy you use, where it comes from and how we can save more of it?

The quiz offers several paths on subjects such as global energy, efficiency, natural gas and transportation. All the quizzes are designed to promote more thought about personal energy use, as well as a better understanding of the issues shaping the world’s energy needs.

The winning aspects:

  • It has a great, sleek design.
  • Its educational content raises awareness and provokes introspection.
  • It subtly reinforces ExxonMobil’s role in working toward energy solutions.

What makes a great quiz?

1. An attractive title

Your teaser should make people feel compelled to take your quiz. Try something interesting and irresistible.

2. Provide some value or benefit for your intended audience.

People love taking personality quizzes because they get insights into who they are or what path they should take in life.

People enjoy learning and thinking about themselves. Throw a celebrity comparison into the mix, and you’ve got a surefire marketing winner. By offering results that evoke positive emotions and flatter your audience, your quiz has a better chance of getting shared.

Of course, there are plenty of other incentives or benefits you can offer for completing a quiz, such as discounts, special deals or free downloads. Just make sure you’re providing some measure of value for your audience.

3. Keep it playful, short and simple.

Keep your quizzes snappy and lighthearted. If it’s long and dry, it’ll feel more like homework.

Carve down questions as necessary to make the piece concise and easy to finish.

4. Make sure the concept relates to your business and reflects your brand’s tone of voice.

A quiz that’s completely unrelated to your brand or business is a waste of time.

Try to build your content around themes and topics that would appeal to your target audience, and provide relevant links to your website upon quiz completion.

Also, inject your company’s personality into the mix. Keep your branding consistent, and use language that aligns with your other messaging.

5. Be upfront about data collection and use.

With GDPR regulations now upon us, make sure you clearly state your intentions for the data you collect.

6. Make it easy to share on social media.

Creating stunning visuals and crafting a pool of compelling, fun outcomes that quiz takers can be proud of is a great way to spark shares.

Chanty Hyder is a digital marketer at Survey Anyplace.

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