How communicators can spark culture change

Competition in today’s marketplace is fierce, and employees increasingly are demanding a say. Find out how to transform your organization.

How to spark culture change

Is your organization bereft of new ideas?

Is it hard to recruit, or to retain the top workers you’ve invested in? Do you keep hearing that good ideas are stifled?

Time for a shakeup. Culture change has become a widespread concern as organizations recognize its power in top-to-bottom business transformation. In “9 ways communicators can spark culture,” a free report from Ragan Communications and Workplace by Facebook, you’ll find practical ways to transform your organization.

“Just about everybody we talk to at the executive level highlights culture change as a priority in their organization,” says Jim Harter, chief workplace scientist with the polling and management consulting giant Gallup.

For many, a change is overdue. Only 22% of employees strongly agree that leaders have a clear direction for their organization, Gallup reports. Thirty percent of internal communicators admit that employee trust levels toward senior management are a problem.

Fortunately, “9 ways communicators can spark culture” will help with the following:

  • Set your strategic direction. You can’t right the ship without a compass and a sense of where you are going.
  • Build companywide equality in a digital space. “Prioritize a digital central location as your company headquarters, because that is where everyone is equal,” says Kim Clark, an affiliate consultant with Ragan Consulting Group and former director of internal communications at GoDaddy.
  • Promote the best managers. Find out why so many organizations end up with leaders who can’t lead.
  • Make work fun—both in digital spaces and at live events.
  • Stop haranguing, and start coaching. Learn what it means to transform from a “boss culture” to a “coach culture.”
  • Enable the exchange of ideas. Ideas shouldn’t just tumble down from on high. Find out how Illumina, a global leader in DNA sequencing, replaced blast emails with two-way messaging that knocked down silos.
  • Listen to what your workforce is saying. Yes, surveys play a part. That, however, is only the beginning. Dig deeper to find out how to extend feelers so that you can address rumors and discontent before they undermine your mission.
  • Open the curtains on the corner offices. Transparency in internal communications is crucial to an organization’s ability to realize its mission and vision. Learn how RHB, a Singapore bank, has knit its 17,000 staffers together.

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