How email metrics better engage employees

Are you getting the most out of your internal email metrics? A new guide explains how three firms—including travel giant Expedia—are mining data for better results.

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Do your internal email metrics provide a clear, detailed picture of your engagement with your workforce?

Do they indicate areas where your communication is working, or ways to improve your messaging?

A free mini-whitepaper from Ragan Communications and PoliteMail—“How 3 companies mined email data to better engage employees”—offers tips for harvesting powerful data from your email to improve your effectiveness.

This three-part guide covers topics and case studies that will help you analyze who is opening, reading and engaging with your internal email messages:

  • “4 ways a homebuilder effectively reaches a dispersed workforce” explores how homebuilder Taylor Morrison aligns offsite construction workers and home-office staffers alike with company philosophy.
  • In “7 ways Expedia Group improved email to reach its diverse global staff,” the travel powerhouse explains why segmenting audiences, making it easy for employees to ask questions and developing a shared business calendar can elevate staffers’ interest in your organization’s email.
  • “5 ways email metrics bolstered internal comms success” details how cybersecurity firm FireEye increased engagement while it was emailing employees about North Korea’s hacking of Sony.

“The cybersecurity industry is very fast-moving,” says Tony Sapienza, head of internal and executive communication at FireEye, which Sony consulted after the hack. “We need to make sure all employees know what good work is coming out of our engineering group and our intelligence lab.”

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Why “bite-sized” information and email length make a difference
  • How to target and segment your messages
  • The importance of varying formats
  • Why mobile is essential for reaching all staff—even those who work in cubicles in your home office all day
  • And much more

Taylor Morrison has learned that staffers in its Scottsdale, Arizona headquarters are more likely to check company email on mobile phones, not on their desktops.

“Everyone’s kind of multitasking,” says Jaclyn Gettinger, corporate communications manager. “Even if you’re physically at work, the likelihood that you’re going to read that email from your phone, walking from meeting to meeting or checking from a meeting, is probably greater than when you’re sitting at your desk.”

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