How PR pros can use data to secure–and keep–your place at the table

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Data-backed PR webinar

Are your PR efforts viewed as a nice to have, or a must have?

If it’s the latter, perhaps your perception problem is due to a data deficiency. Hard numbers, after all, are the lingua franca of most execs. If you’re not able to prove the worth of your work in a convincing fashion, you’ll never secure a meaningful seat of influence in your organization. 

A webinar from Onclusive, “Using data to grow your PR budget and your team,” can get your team up to speed on which PR metrics matter and how to secure companywide buy-in for your efforts. Featuring experts from Sophos, Mimecast, and Onclusive, the webinar covers:

  • What data and metrics are most important to executives
  • How to get executive alignment and buy-in on PR initiatives
  • How to track key PR and communication metrics
  • The best method to showcase your PR results

Where to start?

If you’re not a measurement maven, or if numbers make you shudder, launching a data-tracking initiative can seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be. Start by clarifying which numbers your boss actually cares about–then home in on those. If your CEO defers to your judgment, start tracking substantive figures related to:

  • Domain authority
  • Visitors from owned and earned media
  • Number of email addresses
  • SEO
  • Number of qualified leads
  • Sales conversions
  • Google Analytics metrics such as referrals and goal completion

Whichever metrics you choose to prioritize, make sure they align with crucial business objectives–and ensure each measurement you track has a specific action attached to it. It’s all about proving your campaigns’ ROI and tying success to your work. As PR expert Gini Dietrich explains: “Did a prospect or lead enter our marketing-qualified or sales-qualified funnel from something we did? If so, we attribute that lead to the PR efforts and we follow them through their buying journey.”

If you’re ready to get a better, more influential seat at the table by upping your data-backed PR game, make time for Onclusive’s free webinar

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