How to boost your intranet’s usability—and save your company money

If your internal platform has byzantine navigation or unclear menus, your employees will waste time and your organization will suffer from diminished productivity. Try these remedies.

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How’s that intranet working out for you?

A recent study by the Nielsen Norman Group showed that users are not happy with their intranets. Satisfaction ratings were a dismal 66 percent.

Why are so many users unhappy with their intranets? Much of the dissatisfaction comes down to one word: usability.

Jakob Nielsen, “the guru of Web page usability” (per The New York Times), defines it thus:

“Usability is a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use. The word ‘usability’ also refers to methods for improving ease of use during the design process.”

Why should I care about intranet usability?

Intranet usability is all about employee productivity. The more time your users spend being lost and confused, the bigger the hit to productivity. Making your intranet easier to use is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings—and even more to large organizations.

The following information is from a report published by Nielsen Norman Group:

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