How to craft better virtual Q&As

Use these techniques to facilitate smoother, more substantive dialogue.

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Better virtual panels

Whether you think of yourself as an interviewer, moderator, or manager of the microphone, here are some techniques you might choose to stimulate discussion.

Connect the dots.

If your audience just endured a barrage of priorities, problems and progress, Q&A is an opportunity to help make sense of those points. As moderator, you can ask questions like these:

“Q” the presenters.

One of my favorite approaches is to ask leaders, “What’s something you wish people would ask you right now?” You can ask this 1:1 while preparing for the event, or on the spot in front of the audience. Choose your moment by considering the meeting’s subject matter, your rapport with the leader, and your leader’s mood and comfort with improvisation. Or do both: tee up the question in rehearsal, and if it works, plan for it as part of live Q&A. This gives your presenter a chance to ponder and practice.

Pepper in a few strategic questions in advance.

Is it OK to make up questions and put them in the queue?

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