How to get employees to use (and love) your intranet

You put all that time and effort into this internal platform, yet employees ignore it in droves. A new download tells you how to get them on board.

Driving employees to the intranet is a problem for many organizations.

If you’re running into resistance, you might have trouble getting out essential news or pushing the messages your CEO wants to distribute.

That’s why it’s essential to have an internet that employees voluntarily flock to and participate in, according to “10 ways to drive employees to your intranet,” a free, downloadable tip sheet from Ragan Communications and Simpplr.

“People in the workplace tend to gravitate toward what’s easiest, and intranets are notorious for being the opposite,” says Jonathan Rick of The Jonathan Rick Group. “Ask anyone about SharePoint, and he’ll no doubt complain that it’s sluggish and cumbersome.”

The new report offers tips from Splunk, eVestment, SAS and others, among them:

The importance of easy navigation.

Designers should put themselves in their users’ shoes, or, “Eat your own dog food,” in tech parlance. Find out how.

Rethink your push email philosophy.

Learn why Splunk got pickier in what it promoted, and how it is providing the main context up front. Also, learn about how eVestment uses its emails to drive salespeople to important resources that help them close sales.

Templates make life easier.

Individual departments at Splunk build their respective newsletters using previously published and approved content from throughout the organization. Templates help keep the look and message consistent.

Employee contributions make the difference.

Users can contribute in all kinds of ways to The Hub, the social intranet at SAS. Also, allowing employee “likes,” comments and sharing increased the spread of messages and other needed information.

Create subsites for individual teams and events.

Splunk hosts not only a main intranet for the whole company, but also departmental subsites containing important information for employees. If staffers know that the content relates to their specific duties, they are more likely to check it out.

Optimize for mobile.

If you don’t make it easy for them to get to content on their phones, you are cutting off one of your most important channels.

Curate and update.

Outdated information and bad organization can make your intranet a ghost town. Learn what eVestment did to keep its intranet form being just a file-sharing platform, clogged with outdated information.

Download your free tip sheet—and breathe new life into your intranet.


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