Keeping company values alive through effective internal communication

Let’s look at how internal comms can keep your company values alive.

Lyla Matthews is a  business entrepreneur and investor who is keen to share insights for those looking to expand and grow their businesses.

As Jonathon Swift so eloquently put it, “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”.

All companies need a vision, but to turn it into a thriving business, they also need a team of loyal people who work hard because they also believe in the vision. So how do you bridge the gap between what you see, and what you want the world to see? 

The first step is setting solid company values that support and inspire your employees, enhancing their experience of working for your business so that they adopt your vision as part of their own. As well as ringing through in your marketing and branding, company values should be evident throughout your workplace culture. You have to echo and expect these positive attributes internally to stoke the fire from within. 

From ensuring leaders set a good example, to hiring the right people to join your company mission, here are some tips on how to use internal communications to keep your company values alive.

Start at the top.

To truly resonate with every member of your company, you have to be able to demonstrate that the values you set are an integral part of your work culture. Company values start at the top and should flow through every department and team. If you expect your team members to be accountable and honest, yet those in leadership roles fall short in this area, your values can appear paper thin. 

Planning team-building workshops that focus on the core values of your company can help everyone identify which areas they feel they are aligned with – and where there’s room for improvement. For example, if you say you value people who support others, this should be reflected throughout upper management. Make sure every member of your company knows which specific lead is there for them in a genuinely caring, human capacity. 

Invite the right people to join you.

By clearly portraying your company values throughout your internal communications, everyone should be on the same page. This is essential when it comes to hiring new employees, as it will naturally help you filter out those people who don’t align with your values and will struggle to fit in with your team and vision. For example, if one of your values is flexibility and creativity, it’s unwise to hire somebody who struggles with a lack of structure and struggles to think outside of the box – no matter how good their CV looks.

To show your employees how much you appreciate them reflecting your company values in their work, standards and internal communications, be sure to celebrate their success. Creating a humanistic work culture that thrives on open communication and positive reinforcement helps your employees keep your company values alive from within.

Fine-tune your public appearance.

No matter what industry or sector you specialize in, company values can be reflected in your branding. Your branding is the first impression and face of your business, so it’s vital that it delivers the right message from the offset. 

You must all ensure that your company’s words, actions, public representation and campaigns align with its core values – else you risk damaging your integrity and losing the respect of your loyal clients, employees and followers. But if your values are evident throughout your internal communications, and championed by your employees at every level, your company’s public appearance will naturally follow suit. 

Whatever you determine your company’s core values to be, by making them front and center throughout all levels of your company you’ll be well on your way to creating a positive work culture and passionate team who help keep your company’s values alive. 

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