How to launch and maintain a thriving, lively intranet

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Intranet tips

What’s the secret to creating—and maintaining—a healthy intranet that employees actually use?

It takes forethought, planning and strategy. It also requires companywide buy-in and commitment.

The Modern Intranet Playbook, a new guide from Brightspot, provides clear marching orders on how to maximize your intranet investment. Citing compelling data from McKinsey, Gallup and Dynamic Signal on the high costs of poor communication—along with expert guidance covering every phase of intranet implementation and strategy—the free piece sheds light on:

  • Creating a more engaged and empowered corporate culture
  • Crafting and maintaining the six pillars of a great intranet
  • How to spark interest while building internal consensus and momentum
  • Nailing your checklist for must-have features on a modern intranet
  • Covering crucial topics employees will look forward to and enjoy
  • Establishing editorial principles that will guide your long-term intranet content strategy
  • How to spark interest while building internal consensus and momentum

Creating a streamlined, centralized source of corporate truth is an urgent matter of employee engagement and retention—and your organization’s bottom line. As the playbook says, “By neglecting their intranets, leaders are ignoring an excellent opportunity to create workplace environments where employees are eager to work and determined to stay over the long term.”

If it’s time to launch (or relaunch) your intranet, download your free copy of The Modern Intranet Playbook today.

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