In times of crisis, put your chief executive front and center

Target CEO Brian Cornell has helped employees and consumers navigate tough times with simple and transparent messages.

Target leadership responds to crisis

When rough seas threaten to destroy your organization’s reputation, let your chief lead the way.

Target’s chief executive, Brian Cornell, has been vocal throughout crises the retail chain has weathered, putting out timely messages to both employees and consumers.

Take, for example, his COVID-19 response to customers, in which he opened by underlining his focus on people’s health and safety, followed by outlining steps the company and its employees were taking to provide assistance and supplies, as well as to keep employees safe.

In Cornell’s “Update on how we’re supporting our guests and team,” he outlined additional measures Target has taken to take care of employees, including additional benefits such as paid family leave, confirmed illness pay and free counseling through COVID-19:

Target leadership

Image courtesy of Target.


The letters are published to Target’s newsroom and resource hub, with social media links for sharing across digital channels and links to additional articles, news and employee highlights.

The messages and wording Cornell shares mirror internal employee memos, underlining a “mixternal” approach to crisis communications. By aligning both internal and external messaging, the company can better execute its crisis response, and by showcasing the importance of its workforce, Target can more effectively build trust among all stakeholders.


One Response to “In times of crisis, put your chief executive front and center”

    Tony J says:

    Putting the ceo’s name and photo on a statement most likely written by someone else is not a bad thing, but it surely is not taking centre stage in a crisis.. Daily Headlines

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