Infographic: 10 proven ways to make content go viral

There’s no guarantee that anything will go viral, but these tips from MySiteAuditor are as assured as any.

If you’ve been involved in any sort of marketing exercises over the last five or so years, the word “viral” probably drives you nuts, along with phrases like:

“Let’s just post a viral video.”

“How can we really make this go viral?”

“Just tweet this out and watch it go viral.”

Right-thinking marketers know that there’s simply not some magic “viral” fairy dust that you sprinkle on a piece of content to make people take note. Though there are no guarantees when it comes to virality, there are a few ways—10, according to the infographic below from SEO firm MySiteAuditor—that you can help your cause.

So, dust off those list posts, quizzes, engaging imagery and find the right influencers to help tell your story. And when you’ve done all 10 of these things and your content still doesn’t go viral, at least you’ll have the comfort of “I told you so.”

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