Infographic: 10 steps to social media measurement success

Measuring your work is essential, but on a hectic workday, it’s easy to push metrics to the back burner. This handy checklist will keep you focused and on task.

For most communicators, measurement is a necessary evil.

You have to measure success to prove your worth, but frankly, many of us hate working with numbers.

We have to, though, so to make the process a little easier, print out and refer to this infographic from Talkwalker the next time you work on your social media measurement strategy. It’s a 10-point checklist for social media analytics success.

Though some points might seem obvious, it’s easy to leave a few out when you’re juggling dozens of tasks and trying to keep your cool on a hectic day. The checklist is a helpful reference to make sure you’re being thorough and staying on track.

Ahh, just think how satisfying it will feel to finally have numbers to prove your department’s—and your own—contribution to the bottom line!

(View a larger image.)

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