Infographic: 10 types of visual content you should be creating

Does video intimidate you? Are infographics starting to bore you? Check out this list of ideas for new ways to attract your audience through visuals.

As visual content has spiked in popularity, you, as a good communicator, have adapted your skills to the times.

You’ve signed up for workshops to learn how to make infographics, and you’ve tuned in to webinars about shooting video.

You’re becoming a visual content pro, but you could still use some inspiration every now and then, right?

Cue this infographic from Canva. It discusses 10 types of visual content that audiences love—and you should be creating. Plus, many don’t require advanced graphic design skills. For example:

Screenshots: This is an easy solution if you aren’t skilled in graphic design. Use screenshots to tease an article, describe a feature on your site or show off a glowing customer review.

Thought-provoking questions: Why pose a question on social media as text when you can use an image? Use PicMonkey or another free photo-design tool to create your image, then watch engagement spike.

Data visualizations: Who said bar graphs and pie charts have to be boring? These visuals help people grasp concepts quickly, and they’re more fun to look at than a paragraph of text.

Take a look at the infographic below for more ideas, and please share which ones you’d like to try in the comments.

(View a larger image.)

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